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Winner of award at the USITT Southeast Conference Expo in Asheville North Carolina, 2022.


Costume Upcycle - Creating a Armor with Swatchbook Leather

Class projects:

- Costume Upcycle

- Proposal: Custom-made sneakers using  the       materials of a broken umbrella
- Specialized Craftsperson/Cobbler: Lou Pires

- Practicing replicating a pair of shoes                             inspired by a Dune movie 2021.
- Reproduction of an embroidered detail and                 leather lace from a historic boot from 1880-90.
- Maintenance of shoes worn by actors at each             show.
- Repairs, resoling, patching, painting,                             alterations, etc, using the appropriate equipment       such as a walking foot machine, hammer, glue and     handwork.

- Source: Iconic 1969 Pierre Cardin Carwash         Dress
- Draper: Lou Pires
- Fit model: Jocelyn Chatman 

- (mockup)

-Class: Period Patterning 

-Draper: Lou Pires

-Project: Carwash Dress 

- PlayMakers Repertory Company -- Show:  As You Like It
- Draper: Lou Pires

- Class: Dying and Surface Design    
- Project: Distressed Story-Costumes

- MOSF Museum Of Science Fiction

- Project: Still Suit Display Replica of the             Dune  Movie 2021
- Specialized Craftsperson/ Cobbler: Lou Pires

- PlayMakers Repertory Company at       the show Skin Of Our Teeth 
- Draper: Sherry Wu
- First Hand: Lou Pires

- Jumpsuit 70's Disco Fashion
- Draper: Lou Pires
- Fit Model: Emma Holyst 
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